Saturday, July 6, 2013

Everest Group: Receives recognition from Indian Ministry of Science and Technology

Everest Group has announced that the In-house Research & Development facility at its Bahadurgarh unit has received recognition from the Department of Scientific And Industrial Research, Ministry of Science And Technology, government of India. Everest is the first and only blower & vacuum systems manufacturer in the country to have received this recognition. Everest Group has strongly realized and felt the shift of the industry towards energy efficient solutions.

The Group stands today as one of the upcoming names in the vacuum industry, a fully integrated and diversified company involved in the engineering, evaluation, designing, manufacturing, testing, execution, post sales & service of pressure & vacuum systems. The Group had diversified into design & installation of innovative systems for chemical & pharmaceutical industry based on technologies which have low impact on the environment, are energy efficient and have low operation & maintenance costs. Over the period of two decades, application engineering has been the cornerstone of Everest's success. Its strength has been to work on new application areas and modify existing ones so as to reduce energy consumption, optimize performance and increase process efficiency.