Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Compressors and Fans are essentially pumps for gases.  Although they differ in construction from liquid handling machines, the principles of operations are similar.Gases being compressible, a large portion of the energy of compression is dissipated in form of heat to the gas.  This limits the operation of the compressor unless suitable cooling is effected. Various gas machines can be classified depending upon their compression ratio i.e. ratio of final pressure P2 to suction pressure P1.
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Rent a dry screw vacuum pump.

Everest has a complete range of Dry Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum systems for various applications in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Power, Petrochemical, Electrical and other medium and high vacuum range processes.

We provide proven technology to meet your operating resources.

Everest offer complete range of Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps from 120-2700 m3/hr and vacuum system ranging from 600-10000 m3/hr with Mechanical Vacuum Booster & Dry Screw Pump combination.

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