Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Everest Blower Systems Gets SMERA Rating

Industrial Product Finder
April, 2012 edition

Everest Blower Systems, the lagship of Everest Group and the youngest company in the group was recently evaluated by SME Rating Agency of India Limited (SMERA) and assigned a NSIC-D&B-SMERA: SE 2A rating, adding an other feather in the cap for Everest Group. This rating indicates 'high performance capability and high inancial strength'.
The strengths of the company include professional and experienced management, signiicant increase in revenue, operating profit margin and net proit margin over last three years, better debt equity ratio (as compared to industry standards) and substantial increase in tangible net worth. All this has been possible due to clear vision and far sightedness of competent top management. Everest Blower Systems is engaged in manufacturing of roots blowers (bilobe and trilobe design), mechanical vacuum boosters, acoustic hoods, dry vane
pumps, dry screw vacuum pumps, and industrial vacuum systems.


Saturday, March 10, 2012